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Principle Investigator|Postdoctor|Doctor student|Master student

Educational experience:

1990.09-1994.09 Bachelor degree in undergraduate degree in highway and urban road engineering from Hunan University;

1994.09-1997.03 Master degree in geotechnical engineering at Zhejiang University, master's degree;

1998.09-2001.08 Ph.D. student in geotechnical engineering at Zhejiang University, received a doctorate;

1997.03-2015.08 Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Associate Professor (2001), Professor (2006), Qiu is a Distinguished Professor (2013), Deputy Director (2013);

2004.12-2005.12 Visiting Scholar, Department of Civil Engineering, Purdue University, USA;

2015.08-present Work and Dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Hunan University.



Member of the Asian Society of Geotechnical Engineering (ATC06) of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering 2015

Member of the International Council for Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Sustainable Development Committee (TC307) 2013

Deputy Director of the Soil Strength Theory and Constitutive Relations Committee of the Chinese Society of Civil Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering (2011), Deputy Director of the Soft Soil Engineering Committee (2013), and Deputy Director of the Transportation Geotechnical Engineering Committee (2016)

Associate Editor of China Journal of Highways (2016-), Journal of Geotechnical Engineering (2016-), Geotechnical Mechanics (2013-), J of Zhejiang Univ.: Appl. Phy.Eng. (2015- ) 5 academic journal editors


Awards and honors:

· The 12th Maoji Earth Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Youth Award

· 10,000 people plan to lead talents

· National Innovation Talent Promotion Plan for young talents in science and technology innovation

· National Outstanding Youth Fund Project Winners

· China Academy of Rock Mechanics and Engineering Young Technology Gold Award

· Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, Comprehensive Construction Technology of Earth Pressure Balance Shield under Complex Geological Conditions, 2015, Rank 3

· Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education, Key Technology and Engineering Application of High-rise Tower Foundation Structure and Collision Avoidance System, 2011, Rank 1

· National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, Key Technology and Engineering Application of Structural Weak Land Base Disaster Control, 2009, Rank 2

· Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Progress First Prize, Weak Ground Disaster Assessment Method, Control Technology and Engineering Application, 2008, Rank 2

· First Prize of Science and Technology Award of Higher Education, Deep Structural Soft Soil Treatment Design Theory and Settlement Control Technology, 2007, Rank 2